About Us – (Archive)

Note:  This page is here for historical purposes and perhaps the amusement of any project participants that may come sniffing around.  These were the guys and girl that made it happen back in the beginning of feed mashing.

Hi, we’re Microsoft Developer Division, you might remember us from such products as Visual Studio, Expression Studio and Microsoft Bob! (not really on the last one)
More specifically, we’re the Non-Professional Tools team and we build software that enables new programmers, hobbyist, and non-programmers to make and share their work. Our team’s vision is to democratize software development by making it approachable to anyone and everyone, even people who want to create without having to write code. We believe that if you can send an email, you should be able to build and personalize your own website, mashup, social networking site, or blog.
Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and Popfly. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do 🙂
The Team

PopflyTeam2  PopflyTeam1

From left to right: John Montgomery (Group Program Manager), Andy Sterland (Program Manager), Alpesh Gaglani (Developer), Tim Rice (Developer), Suzanne Hansen (Program Manager), Steven Wilssens (Program Manager), Vinay Deo (Engineering Manager), Michael Leonard (Test Developer), Jianchun Xu (Developer), Dan Fernandez (Product Manager), Adam Nathan (Developer), Wes Hutchins (Program Manager), Aaron Brethorst (Program Manager), Paramesh Vaidyanathan (Product Unit Manager), and Murali Potluri (Developer).
Not pictured: Christopher Griffin, Doug Handler, Sriram Krishnan, Jacqueline Russell, and Patrick Wong (which is a pity, because they’re cool)
Aaron Brethorst – User Experience guy and Program Manager

A Program Manager for the front-end of Popfly, Ux guy and maintainer of the social networking feature set of Popfly. He is considering taking the entire week of September 25th off of work. He also finds it extremely difficult to write in the third person.

Vinay Deo – Engineering Manager

Big strategic guy, boss for dev and test, still writes code.

Dan Fernandez – Lead Product Manager

Everyone needs a marketer, right? Dan’s awesome, by the way.

Alpesh Gaglani – Developer

Alpesh is one of our front-end developers, maintainer of the web page builder, and an all-around nice guy.

Suzanne Hansen – Program Manager

Writes specs, works with other teams from across Microsoft, writes code and fixes bugs when dev needs it, helps our customers figure out what’s going on, was a good enough person to write our help docs and do our screencasts (she has our eternal gratitude for this), helps find bugs when test needs it.

Wes Hutchins – Program Manager

Works on our team’s other product, the incredibly popular and free Visual Studio Express development tools. With Visual Studio Express 2008 slated to ship later this year, He’s been busy fixing bugs, coordinating the day-to-day activities of shipping software, and planning engaging content for our Express customers. Trying to describe exactly what he does is somewhat pointless since what he works on tends to change every week, but that’s the life of a Program Manager. Outside of work you’ll find him enjoying the Seattle nightlife, snowboarding our nearby “mountain” known as Snoqualmie, or traveling around trying to find an alternative to the plentiful overcast skies for which our lovely city is known.

Sriram Krishnan – Random technical guy

Sriram couldn’t decide what we should write about him, although he does want you to visit his blog at sriramkrishnan.com.

Michael Leonard – Test Developer

Michael keeps us honest and manages our test infrastructure.

John Montgomery – Group Program Manager

John is the keeper of our schedule, big strategic guy, and the consumer of much coffee. He was an alternate in the little-known 1973 national competitive coffee brewing team.

Adam Nathan – Tyler’s Dad and Awesome Developer

Adam built the mashup designer, and does tons of other stuff. He’s also the author of the critically acclaimed book WPF Unleashed, and its forthcoming companion Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed.

Murali Potluri – Developer

Murali is primarily focused on back-end development, maintains our databases and does a bunch of other stuff.

Tim Rice – Developer

Tim works with Adam on the mashup designer and owns several other front-end features.

Andy Sterland – Program Manager

Andy owns mashups, blocks and webpages. He writes specs, works with other teams from across Microsoft, writes code and fixes bugs when dev needs it, helps find bugs when test needs it.

Paramesh Vaidyanathan – Product Unit Manager

Big strategic guy, and also frequently distracts Program Managers.

Steven Wilssens – Ops Manager and Program Manager

He’s the PM responsible for all great things in life that have to do with Popfly Explorer, the Popfly backend, our operations team. Besides that he spends his time writing specs for other non mentioned areas in our product. He’s known for being randomized and blamed when something is not going as it is supposed to (you’re also really picky about fries -ed).

Jianchun Xu – Developer

Jianchun works on Popfly Explorer, maintains a number of our social networking features and just celebrated the birth of his second child :).