In the beginning

popflyAlmost to the day two years after Microsoft announced the shutdown of their ambitious Popfly project, this site resurrects at least the idea. Launched in May 2007, Microsoft Popfly provided a platform that allowed users to create everything from games and small programs to mashups and web pages.

Having set up a profile, users were assigned 100 MB of space to store and share whatever they created. One popular product coming out of the Popfly project were little gadgets that could be placed on the sidebar in Windows. Using the Microsoft Silverlight technology, creators Adam Nathan and John Montgomery did capture the spirit of the time for a little while.

Despite this success the project was discontinued, probably for financial reasons, when Microsoft announced a series of cuts which killed more than just the Popfly-project. “If you want to keep programming, use Kudo or Scratch,” Microsoft succinctly announced and it was over. By August 24, 2009, users could no longer sign in or access their work.

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